Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, we went to Venice for the weekend. When I first got out of the station and onto the streets, I was blown away. The city is so beautiful, with the canals winding around the towering buildings, and the streets twisting and turning like an ant colony. Its unbelievable that an entire city, with piazzas, large churches and towers are all help up by wooden beams. I took a lot of pics so that should say it all.

I also put the drawings I did here. I drew San Marco, a painting by Johann Liss and Titian's Assumption of the Virgin Mary. With these drawings I was able to reconcile the academic training of Russians with what Dony taught me, which is contemplative and emotional. This is only because I prayed a lot about it, and eventually everything just clicked in my head, and I made a leap. This is all thanks to Dony and the amazing opportunity he gave me. If I can get back, there are many more opportunities with his sacred arts academy he is planning. I've learn so much on this trip, and am on my way to become a master!
The last pictures are my ecorche that I finished. I forgot to put it in the last post. Its a little damaged due to the heat. It started melting!
This is my last post from Florence this trip, and overall it was an amazing experience, both artistically and spiritually. I hope to return soon to continue my work with Dony.

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  1. praying for you. Are you able to attend the Russian academy yet?

    it was so beautiful to read you blog and realize there are some of us who simply have a niche for desiring to work like the masters and for the Glory of God!