Friday, June 4, 2010

A glimpse at the process of a commission

Dony's commission is really taking shape! Im learning
the process of a commission so early, its excellent. Truly, apprenticeships are the best way to learn art. I have been assisting him in modeling, which is getting the general forms up and in position. After this, we will continue to contemplate the work as a whole it will slowly come into focus - like a camera. In other words, we will slowly over time come closer and closer to the final image, with sharpness, detail and all. During this time we will have to be aware of the client's desires and make changes accordingly.

As for me, I am continuing with my ecorche, as well as drawing. I did a very good one of Dony's Crucified Christ, one in which he presents Christ without skin and fat to show only his bones and muscles, emphasizing Christ's humanity. The drawing I did emphasizes the form of the figure, and makes it pop off the page. This is probably the first time I was truly successful at this. I will put it up on next post.

Also I was invited to a party for families and individuals in Opus Dei last Wednesday. Gave me a taste of true Italian culture.

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